In Praise of “Brain Pickings”

To anyone who is craving some intellectual fulfillment this week, I would highly recommend that you make your way over to the Brain Pickings website and either browse through their articles or subscribe to their weekly newsletter.

In the most recent weekly newsletter that I received, Brain Pickings touched on topics ranging from the meaning of life, to questioning the purpose of the universe, to literary geographies, and controversial debates over ‘high’ versus ‘low’ culture.

Brain Pickings also exposed me to a series of really fascinating and succinct lectures available free of charge from The Open University. Here you can explore the history of the English language, overviews of creative design movements, major theories on religion,  or get insight into famous thought experiments. Each video is about 60 seconds long and lighthearted in its approach.

This website should more aptly be called ‘Brain Fillings’ because it certainly leaves you with a lot of thoughts!

*Postscript: Maria Popova is the sole author and creator of this incredible website. Donate to her cause today!

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