A Daily Indulgence

It’s 2:37pm on the day before my thesis defence. I’m nervous, excited, and altogether anxious to get through the proceeding 24 hours. A two-year process full of work, stress, new insights, and rapid learning experiences is about to (symbolically) come to an end.

I hesitated to talk about my thesis defence publicly, on a blog which has become my daily indulgence and hobby. I want to offer the world with information that is value-added and applicable to others. However, I also have a selfish need to communicate my own fears and excitements. The motivating factor which initially got me sitting down to write a blog was my emotional roller-coaster experience applying to Parks Canada and my reflections on university-level education. For the past several months I have thought carefully, deeply, and repetitively about my future career and lifestyle.

Since starting my blog in late August 2013, I have accrued a total of 85 WordPress posts (aka. blog articles). I have additionally honed my social media strategy and currently have 25o Twitter ‘followers’, 113 LinkedIn ‘connections’, 48 Facebook ‘friends’, and 14 Google+ ‘followers’. I’m content to quantify my life in this manner; thankfully, my public blog has also helped me to connect with people in real life. These past few months, I have sat down to talk with friends and acquaintances over coffee more frequently than ever before.

My primary goal, at this point, is to reach 100 blog posts. In the longer term, I hope to synthesize and rewrite my central ideas into a cohesive narrative that will neatly encapsulate the experiences of a 20-something former university student in the 21st century. I imagine that by conducting this form of qualitative analysis on my blog articles, I will identify central themes. These themes will be from within my own perspective, but drawn from a multitude of articles publicly available on the internet. I will also use each theme to describe the world, rather than prescribe concrete actions. I look forward to sharing these ideas with you, the reader*!

*As always, I want to thank those readers who are following along on my journey and providing feedback at the crossroads. I am incredibly lucky to have such wonderful supporters!

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