Some New Additions

After much thought, I have decided to add two new ‘themes’ to my blog. These themes will focus on my favorite activities; hiking and reading.

A hike in Sundridge, Ontario.
A hike in Sundridge, Ontario.

Hiking Highlights will take viewers on a virtual journey (either through pictures or video) of my hikes in Southwestern Ontario and beyond.

Book Delights will expose readers to various books of importance or interest to their lives. Specific topics of this blog theme cannot be promised, as I hope to read deeply and widely in the coming year.

I will continue blogging on Mumbles and Musings about my own progress as a former university student, offering my insights on education, employment, and the lifestyle of a 20-something Canadian.

This year promises to be an ongoing journey of learning; I hope that you will join me as I explore and discover new things!

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