When a Friend Gets a Job

I was very relaxed over the holiday break, partly because I am back to working at my part-time job with the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI). Having this position lined up to start in January 2014 was both a curse and a blessing; it meant, of course, that I was able to relax. But it also meant that I wasn’t combing the job ads quite as rigorously as I had been while a fully unemployed student.

Now I’m back on campus, technically ‘working’ but in the same physical space that I was in as a student. It’s a little odd. A bit mind-bending. I feel like things should be go-go-go, as they were when I was balancing my teaching assistant duties with my thesis and WICI work. Instead it’s just a 14 hour/week job that at this point has fairly well established procedures and standards (when I first started, they were a brand new organization and nothing was set up yet).

Later this week I’m going to be doing two days of contract work with SWOTC (my employer from the past summer) in London, Ontario, at the Wine and Food Show. As I did over the summer, I’ll be promoting the Southwest Ontario region and handing out brochures at the SWOTC booth. I’m really looking forward to this little trip!

The beautiful logo for RTO #1 (http://swotc.ca/)
The beautiful logo for RTO #1 (http://swotc.ca/)

On Wednesday, I’ll be driving to Oakville with my friend William van Hemessen (who, by the way, has two great websites you should check out – his personal website and blog). He is meeting to discuss some contract work that he might be doing with a company out there. It’s too early to tell what the verdict on this ‘job’ will be, as he’s had interest from consulting companies for months now and it hasn’t arisen to much. However, I’m hopeful and extremely excited for him!

I begin this January feeling decidedly off-balance in my job hunt for all of the above reasons. I’m working part-time on the campus where I was a student for so long and on contract with a previous employer; my fiance may have a full-time job opportunity in the near future; I haven’t been job searching as vigorously as when I was a student.

I imagine that I’ll feel a bit more optimistic and hopeful about the economy if Will gets this job. I talked to so many people over the break who are working at retail positions outside of their field; my heart goes out to them. But I encourage them all to rally, keep their spirits strong; there’s still hope! I just know it!

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  1. Dr. Waitress says:

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Good luck!

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