Rockwood Conservation Area – Rockwood, Ontario

A short distance away from several major metropolitan areas in southwestern Ontario lies the jewel that is Rockwood Conservation Area. This conservation area features “towering limestone cliffs, caves and glacial potholes”, making the location a source of natural wonders and inspiration for both hikers and canoeists (Conservation Ontario, 2012). Canoes can be rented at the gatehouse and there are hiking trails on both sides of the Eramosa River (Conservation Ontario, 2012). The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) manages the over 65,000 visitors that use the area each year (Conservation Ontario, 2012).

Although the conservation area offers both daytime and overnight usage, I have never personally reserved a campsite and reviews of this experience seem to vary widely (see the TripAdvisor reviews here). I think that the charms of the park are best seen during the daytime, anyways, as the park is also home to the historic ruins of the Rockwood Woolen Mills (Wikipedia article).  This mill is a beautiful site for weddings and other events, and was renovated in 2010 to make it safe and accessible for the public (Wikipedia article). Trails abound and a pleasurable afternoon can be passed in the company of friends or family at this great conservation area.

Address and contact information:

161 Fall Street South
Guelph/Eramosa, ON N0B 2K0
(519) 856-9543(519) 856-9543
A cul-de-sac of rock.
A cul-de-sac of rock.
These roots look sentient to me!
These roots look sentient to me!

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  1. Paul Eagles says:

    Maria, The first thing I notice about on the photos you provided is the soil erosion around the tree routes. This is an overused site. Paul Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2014 13:25:33 +0000 To:

  2. marialegault says:

    Definitely, Paul. I have noticed that the Grand River Conservation Authority parks tend to be heavily used – when I worked at Shade’s Mills in Cambridge, the local urban residents were regular and enthusiastic visitors to the park.

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