An Attitude of Gratitude

After writing several caustic and critical posts this week, I feel it important to share a reminder and an affirmation with the world; things are not really so bad. Truly, they’re actually quite good. I’m happy.

The reason I’m happy, and feeling more so with every day that passes, is a result of the wonderful people in my life. In agreement with the work of Dr. Martin Seligman, founding father of Positive Psychology, I find that my feelings of gratitude towards others brings me an expansive and uplifting sense of happiness (Popova, February 2014). Further, I think the mental exercise of highlighting the positive elements of my life helps to bring out that sense of joy, as Dr. Seligman discusses in his book, Flourish (Popova, February 2014).

Here’s a short list of all the wonderful people in my life:

  • My parents & extended family
  • My partner & his family
  • My thesis adviser
  • My other academic mentors
  • My volunteer connections
  • My previous coworkers
  • My classmates from school
  • My internet buddies

Although I don’t always know how or when to articulate my thanks to each and every one of you, tonight I find myself incredibly grateful to the impact (no matter how large or small) that each of you has had on my life.

This post is therefore dedicated to all of you!! Thank you everyone!

Gratitude = Happiness & Contentment in Life!

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