It’s Spring! Time to #GoFetch

As many of my regular readers will know, I’ve been a dog sitter/dog walker for many years now. I currently work with a very high-energy, three year old Border Collie – her love for chasing after her Frisbee is insatiable. Even in the negative 40 degree Celsius temperatures we experienced in Ontario this past winter, little Grace (for that is her very appropriate name) would get bundled up into a jacket and go bounding enthusiastically through the knee-high snow drifts.

Today we had a fantastic walk in the milder spring temperatures and there was even a bit of mud. It made me think about the #GoFetch video contest going on with my friends over at Gift Card Rescue; the contest is currently accepting short (less than 2 minute) videos of dogs chasing after gift cards in a way that is cute, unique, or funny. Top winners can receive a $500 Petco gift card, with many smaller prizes to go around (full contest details here). I would enter, myself, but Grace isn’t my dog and I’d be somewhat at a loss over what to do with the prize.

Questions or submissions for the contest go to Kirsten Marshall at Good luck with your entry!


My video of Grace doing her favourite thing in the whole wide world:

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