Coldstream Conservation Area – Middlesex Centre, Ontario

If you enjoy viewing plentiful wildflowers and diverse bird species along a well-maintained board walk, you will definitely want to visit Coldstream Conservation Area! The Conservation Area has two main trails; one at the south end, which runs through a cedar swamp (a rare type of wetland in Southern Ontario), and a trail on the north end which starts off along an abandoned gravel pit and winds its way through a floodplain forest (Ontario Trail Council, 2014).

Nearby, hikers can take in vistas along the Sydenham River. This river is fed, in part, by cold springs which also flow into the old cedar swamp – hence the name of the place (Middlesex Centre, 2014). The site contains “a Class I provincially significant wetland, reservoir, floodplain woods, a re-vegetated gravel pit and an upland deciduous woodlot as well as a day use area, playground, and soccer field” (Middlesex Centre, 2014). It is a part of the larger St. Clair Conservation Authority,which is responsible for the Sydenham River and other, smaller watersheds that drain directly into southern Lake Huron.

I have included some of my pictures from this wonderful natural area, below. The extensive boardwalk, being fairly expensive to maintain, is funded by various donors – one of whom is listed as “Bad Bad Leroy Brown”. Someone has a sense of humour!


327 Quaker Lake, Middlesex Centre, Ontario

Google Map:

Cedar trees are so beautiful.
Cedar trees are so beautiful.
A map of the conservation area.
A map of the conservation area.
Lovely vistas.
Lovely vistas.
Quite the tree!
Quite the tree!
A very musical donor on this section of board walk.
A very musical donor on this section of board walk.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Robert says:

    Hello Maria
    We visited Coldstream last week and took similar pictures as you have shown. One of your captions was “Quite the tree!”.
    Would you be able to provide the species name???
    We’ve been there several times after being introduced by Nature London in 2018. In their posted pictures, I found few shots of myself and wife.

  2. marialegault says:

    Hi Robert,

    I believe that’s a cottonwood. Glad that you enjoyed your visit to Coldstream; it’s a beautiful spot!

    Hope you have a great weekend.

    Take care,


  3. bob ohashi says:

    Hello Maria I googled the tree and believe you are correct on Cottonwood.  I knew of 2 in London Springbank park since they had the cotton in spring and went there today to compare and confirmed. Couple years ago I helped a person picking up fallen bark on the ground and asked what was the purpose. He said it was one of the best mediums for carving miniature sculptures.    If we attend the farmers market in Ilderton this Sat may drop in to Coldstream for maybe our last of this year. Thank you Robert

  4. marialegault says:

    Glad to hear it, Robert! Hope you have a chance to visit Coldstream one final time this weekend. Take care!

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