Summertime Demands Craft Beer

When the sticky-hot weather hits, there is nothing quite so refreshing as sitting under the shade of an umbrella and sipping a relaxing beverage. Craft beer sits high on my personal list of favorite beverages for this activity – creative, fun, and delicious, these beer products are created using traditional brewing methods (includes: brewing in small batches, use of natural quality ingredients, fermentation to final gravity without dilution, and avoidance of preservatives and additives) (Wikipedia article).

If you’re interested in finding out more about craft beer in Ontario, there are two central resources you can be sure to rely on.

First, the Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) trade association represents 37 small, independent breweries in Ontario; it was formed in 2003 to “work collectively on marketing and communications programs to promote local breweries and the craft beer being brewed in Ontario” (Wikipedia article). Their website provides very useful background information for the newbie-but-wannabe-expert to craft beer (see: Craft Beer 101). An ‘overview of authentic beer styles guide’ gives you details on the appearance, flavor & aroma, and palate & ‘mouthfeel’ for these beers, as well as food pairing suggestions.

A second great resource for finding out about craft beer in Ontario is Mom ‘n Hops – a website managed by Chris Burek and Galen Hogg that strives to “provide constructive content through original daily news, event listings, features, product reviews and maintaining Ontario’s most current and comprehensive Brewers Directory” (Mom ‘n Hops, 2014). Of course, going out to a restaurant with friends can sometimes provide you with an unexpected education in Ontario craft beer.

I hope that you will find the time to research and explore this great movement of delicious beverages this summer!

For some great taste reviews of Ontario craft beer, check out this blog by Brian J. Papineau!

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