Two Unpublished Research Projects

There are certain days when I pile through my old university files and feel nostalgic about the younger me who pursued abstracted research with a clear heart, believing totally in the value and importance of said investigations. Two of these projects stand out to me as being particularly original – they were fully ‘my’ ideas from start to finish, and acted as precursors to my Master’s thesis research. They were also environmental in nature; an interest of mine that has recently been subsumed by (or evolved into) a focus on the geographical movement of people in and through nature.

Below are the two studies that I found particularly nostalgic. They’re unpublished – i.e. not peer-reviewed and thus likely full of logical and calculation errors – so don’t take them as gospel. However, if you have an interest in the range of impacts related to sod production and hot beverage container usage, you can take a peek at the two documents below.

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  1. robertlfs says:


    You might want to load these papers onto – this seems to be a great resource for such papers, peer reviewed and otherwise. It is also a great networking tool for getting to know folks doing similar research.



  2. marialegault says:

    Excellent suggestion, Robert! I did not think I could post unpublished works – so this is good information to have 🙂



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