Charity Village Webinars – An Amazing Resource!

I would like to direct all of my readers, particularly those with an interest in/experience with the nonprofit sector, to the amazing free webinars on the Charity Village website.

I’ve known about Charity Village for some time, but my first exposure to one of their webinars got me engaged and excited about the content. The words of the speaker – a passionate coach, writer, and trainer – caught my attention as she covered ways to be mindful in a busy world, which she described as the “paradox of choice in the buffet of life” (view her full webinar here).

Previously aired webinar topics are available for viewing at any time here. Topics covered range from marketing and social media tips, finding work as a skilled volunteer, and many more! You can also sign up for their Webinar Updates (note that you may be prompted to log in or register) to ensure that you receive notification of this amazing resource.


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