Online Schools Guidebook: A Great Resource!

I was recently contacted by a representative from the Online Schools Guidebook ( with information about their website. Although there are too many websites out there to count, I was pleasantly surprised how effectively and concisely it addressed a range of topics relevant to online study/courses.

The website provides details on the evolution of online education through to today, “[when] there are hundreds of schools offering thousands of full degree programs on every level that can be completed without ever setting foot on a physical campus”. I was also surprised to learn that “MOOCs make up a large part of the free courses currently offered online, but they are far from the only free online education resources available. There are literally hundreds of sites where students – or anyone for that matter – can access quality classes and other learning materials free of any charge”.

There are are also tips to determine the right kind of courses for you as an individual, and an overview of a pro and a con each for some of the programs currently available.

Thinking about my own future options for ongoing professional development and learning, I am very glad to have this website as a resource! I hope that you enjoy it as well!

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