A Visit for the Birds

For a truly wonderful weekend drive, Ruthven Park National Historic Site offers everything you could hope for. This gorgeous 1845 Greek Revival mansion is filled with original family furnishings and possessions from the Thompson family. The Thompson family occupied the building between 1845- 1993.

As the 1500-acre property is situated along the banks of the Canadian Heritage Grand River, there are many awe-inspiring vistas that you can enjoy during your visit. You can hike along the trails, have a picnic on the grounds, visit the two on-site cemeteries for a close look at the family’s history, or take a guided tour of the mansion.

Ruthven is also a very significant place for birding – you can simply observe the birds from afar, or, if visiting during the right time of year, you can observe bird banding during migration periods. Visit the Ruthven Park Nature Blog to learn more!

I visited Ruthven during their ‘For the Birds’ Fall Festival. I enjoyed checking out the bird-banding station, which is one of three as part of the Haldimand Bird Observatory. Meeting the passionate volunteers working at this station was fascinating. I also enjoyed taking a stroll through the mansion, learning much about the history of the family, and walking through the North Cayuga Slough Forest. This Forest offers provincially significant wetlands and Carolinian Forests.

Check out the Google Map, below, for directions on getting to Ruthven! I’ve also included a series of pictures from my adventures from my sunny October visit.

Google Map:



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