Nature as the ‘Other’

Where my skin ends And the “other” begins, Is a space to make choices. I move, I walk, and my body Burns energy, glowing energy, Moving under my skin. Sitting in a house, a car Everywhere, air-conditioned air Leaves me feeling – Hot, cold, tired, dry. Moving on my own two feet Feeling sun-soaked air…

October Nights

When have I ever felt so elemental, so alive? Just on these grand October nights.

It’s Not Polite [Poem]

Eyebrows down Shoulders up Fists tight Spine curved Tensions radiating Body language gyrating Conversations dispersing Thoughts scattering Squeeze it Twist it Push it Force it Back in Because It’s not polite To shout

The Ship [Poem]

When my ship comes in, I’ll buy a brand new pair of shoes And run far away. With crisp sails unfurled, My ship will come safe into harbour; Rough waters far behind. I’ll unload its burgeoning Weight, forge an unbreakable chest, And thrust the key from me. For now I linger – hopeless, Watching those…

While You Were Out [Poem]

While you were out working, I went to the fair. I tried out all the rides; I licked the ice cream. All day I played, expecting a Revelation of fun. I slowly found myself wishing I, too, was at work. So that it wouldn’t seem Quite so pointless. I have more fun when I Have…

Humid Hiking [Poem]

My skin so hot and sticky, Hair adhering messily To my throat, chest, face. Mosquitoes humming hungrily, Low along the ground (When will they land? Soon.) My huffing, wheezing breath Attracts them – they fly Upwards, prick me, everywhere. I slap ineffectually on my Thighs, belly, face, neck, Still they rise, a living cloud. My…

The Day He Leaves

A tumult of jostling emotions, And a passel of charging thoughts, Arrest my attention when we part. Freedom and space, on the one hand, but Idle heart and empty mind are my fears. The day he leaves, The day he leaves. Passionately, I say, I do not need You or any other, I am my own….