Nature as the ‘Other’

Where my skin ends
And the “other” begins,
Is a space to make choices.

I move, I walk, and my body
Burns energy, glowing energy,
Moving under my skin.

Sitting in a house, a car
Everywhere, air-conditioned air
Leaves me feeling –
Hot, cold, tired, dry.

Moving on my own two feet
Feeling sun-soaked air push
Against my body,
Leaves me feeling –
Strong, proud, happy, clear.

Making the choices that
Leave me feeling good
Isn’t always easy.

I don’t  want to be separate from the “other”.

I let nature into my skin.


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  1. robertlfs says:

    Unfortunate that too often we do consider nature as “other” – great piece.

  2. marialegault says:

    Agreed – and perspectives are so often influential to our behaviors towards nature! So glad that you enjoyed the writing, Robert 🙂

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