Fun weekend with @Guild_Cafe and @GamesonTap

Today, the weather has been grey and chilly. I am currently sitting at a board game cafe to ward away the dark November night. I have visited two board game cafes within the past 24 hours. Both visits have involved ample beer, panini sandwiches, and learning about new board games.

The first, The Adventurers Guild, is a small and intimate space located on Ontario St in downtown Kitchener. It has a good selection of games and a homey atmosphere. There was an area for playing video games at the back of the store and a collection of lovely art on the walls. Our evening was enjoyable, if a little interrupted by some very enthusiastic gamers. The staff person on duty all night made sure that we were happy with our games.

Art on the walls.
By the fireside.
Game play!

The second, Games on Tap, is located along Weber St in Waterloo and caters to the student body. Despite the potential for rowdiness, it has been quite peaceful and sedate thus far during my visit. The selection of games is impressive and well-categorized. A considerate staff member took our orders (also for paninis) at our table and made sure that we understood the games that we had chosen to play.

Mike enjoying the panini sandwich and apple coleslaw!
The Firefly Game - great once you get into it!

I loved that Games on Tap had a “Nutella Latte” available to buy. It was quite delicious! The Adventurers Guild offered a wide variety of tasty beers.

I highly recommend both of these locations for both the advanced and novice gamer. They are fun, social places that you can take in new types of board game. Everyone in the cafe seems to have a smile on their face, despite the cold weather!

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