Riverside Park, Cambridge Ontario

On one of those January days where the air is crisp, the breeze low, and the sun bright, I headed out to Riverside Park in Cambridge, Ontario.

Riverside Park covers an impressive 102 hectares; it is Cambridge’s largest community park. Visitors can take a hike along one of the many flat and well-maintained trails any time of year or watch a ball/soccer game during the summer. Younger children can enjoy one of the many playground structures, while young adults can use the skate or BMX park. Several covered picnic shelters offer a scenic view of downtown Preston and the river.

I can remember playing on a seesaw in this park when I was a child. While this structure is no longer there – I assume due to safety concerns – I recall it with fondness. My recent visit to the park involved hot chocolate and sitting on a bench over looking the river. It is a great park in which to relax and have a gentle, peaceful interaction with nature! Address and pictures are below.

Address: 49 King Street West, Cambridge Ontario

Google Map link: http://goo.gl/maps/rH3qH

One of many playgrounds.
Sunlight shines through the trees.
Roads criss - cross the park for easy access for families and large groups.
A lovely stream.
The author in a tree at the park.

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