Creativity on the Weekend

I didn’t write a blog post last weekend; I feel badly about that, but I can’t recall what the rationale was behind my deferral of blog authorship. I might have hoped to have time during the weeknights to write it. That thought was quickly proven wrong, since I was dog sitting an energetic border collie all week.

I’m now doing a quick mind dump, as it were, since much has happened in the past week. I have started to develop some long-term life plans – I am eager to learn and develop some additional professional skills that will benefit my day-to-day work. It may be customer service, it may involve building science, it may involve volunteer management. There are many options! I have also been fantasizing about getting rid of my car and either motorcycling, bicycling, or carpooling everywhere. I may also have a few contract jobs to undertake in the coming months.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend, and taking some personal time for themselves. I think it’s important to get away from work – with its associated expectations and stresses – every now and then. My boyfriend and I went out for a motorcycle ride today, and ended up at a store with Lego pieces built in fantastical shapes (see pictures below).

I enjoyed seeing the creative ideas crafted with Lego, and thinking about the person behind its structure and form. I also discovered an old, silly painting of mine from high school and became quite excited about drawing a few more pieces to put up in my apartment. So many opportunities for creativity as spring approaches! 




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