Motorcycle Drive to Waterdown, Ontario

On a chilly Sunday afternoon, my boyfriend and I headed out for a motorcycle ride in the general direction of Hamilton.

The temps were around -13°, and wind speeds at around 28 km/hr (41 km/hr gusts). Made possible by our supply of heated clothing from Gears Canada, i.e. glove liner and vest, we still felt the chill of the wind cutting through our toes, chaps, and around our necks. Layering was also key in preparation for the drive.

Prepping for the drive!

We took a roundabout route there, following Highway 7/8 onto the 401, where we exited onto Hespeler Road in Cambridge. We then followed this road down to just before Galt, where we hooked a left and hit the country roads. Eventually we ended up skirting just around Dundas and considering the opportunity to go further towards Oakville and Toronto. The cold winds (often quite strong on the flatter plains of asphalt) deterred us.

We stopped for a late 3pm lunch/dinner at a restaurant called Pho Nam Thanh just outside of Waterdown in Clappisons Corner.

Restaurant near Waterdown, ON

I was a little disappointed about stopping at a chain – type restaurant in a big, impersonal outdoor shopping centre surrounded by acres of parking space. On a road trip not far from home, I often thirst for the adventure of finding a small, unique store to investigate. It’s the lure of the ‘authentic experience’, where we seek to find meaning through direct interaction with locals in a new place.

However, seasoned by wind and a long journey, the curried vegetables and rice tasted amazing. The tea was warming and wonderful. I would definitely recommend this restaurant! The orange and green interior – a very stimulating color,  which is also thought to stimulate appetite – was cheerful and pleasant.



Why should you go on a day trip to Waterdown? Amalgamated into the City of Hamilton in 2001, Waterdown offers some great shopping experiences (e.g. Pickwick Books), access to nature trails and waterfalls, and a lot of yummy places to eat!

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  1. AndyCee says:

    I have fond memories of a day trip to Waterdown back when I lived in Toronto. A group of us loose leaf tea enthusiasts visited Tea at the White House. A lovely spot — too bad they had to close their physical location! Independent tea shops don’t have it easy these days.

  2. marialegault says:

    Oh no! That’s too bad; it sounds like a wonderful spot to visit. I know of only a few places which focus on the experience of tea in their service and product offerings, and they generally also seem to involve a historical building 🙂 Having a dedicated tea house would be a great meeting place for sociable occasions though! Thanks for sharing!

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