Help Create a List of 150 Great Canadian Hikes with Urban Poling!

When I first heard about Urban Poling‘s contest to create a list of 150 Great Canadian Hikes, I immediately went back through some of my earlier blogs (here) and rhapsodised about all the amazing natural areas I’ve visited in Canada.

Most of my hikes have been in Southwestern Ontario, which offers an incredibly rich and diverse range of hiking locations for people interested in getting out for fresh air, exercise, and companionship with friends and family.

I think some of my favourite spots to hike have been in the Kolapore Uplands (Beaver Valley, ON), Backus Woods (Norfolk County), and anywhere along the rare Charitable Research Reserve trails in my own backyard here in Cambridge, Ontario.

I loved being able to reflect back on the great hiking experiences I’ve had the privilege to enjoy. Over the course of 2016, I made time to go camping almost every weekend during the summer. Since I had also committed to spending less time at a computer, I didn’t blog about these experiences afterwards. Moving forward, however, I hope to share and document some of my outdoor adventures once again.

Interested in reflecting on some of the great hiking spots that you’ve visited in Canada? I would encourage you to check out the Urban Poling contest here:

Submissions are easy to provide, and there are some neat prizes! The deadline to provide your vote on the 150 Great Canadian Hikes contest is April 15th at 4pm, so check out the link above soon if you’re interested in contributing to this fun initiative.





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