Rain Water & Morel Mushrooms – The Beginning of an RV Experience

It was my first hour on the property with the new RV. Rain was pouring down all around. The full rush of the Grand River straining at its banks was a distant melody.

It was my first hour with the new RV – and I was absolutely soaked. May in Waterloo Region had already seen a month’s worth of rain within the first week, an unusual start to the spring season. It was – still is – surreal to think that soon (24 days!) the RV will be my primary domicile.

Due to the sheer volume of precipitation, I found myself washing mud off my hands in the runoff from the sides of the RV. The agenda of the day had included moving the pull outs into their permanent position after transport, as well as lifting and moving heavy cinder blocks to reduce weight on the tires. The fresh, cool rain water felt like a balm to my roughened hands.

With constant movement to and from the car to the RV, it soon became apparent that the grass was dotted with morel mushrooms. These odd-looking mushrooms are a culinary delicacy that some people will actively seek out. I was primarily trying to avoid crushing them with my boots – so ended up with a collection to take home.

Here is a photo diary of my experience of the day, followed up with an image of a less rainy day in which utility hook-ups were completed.


It’s starting to feel a bit more settled around here!

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  1. Mary LeGault says:

    Congrats on RV living. It looks very nice and roomy. Where are you situated? My dad used to look for morels in the spring.

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  2. marialegault says:

    Thanks, Grandma! It is quite spacious 🙂 The RV is located at the Pioneer Sportsmen Club in Kitchener.

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