Exhaustion in February

This weekend, I’ve taken twice daily naps – according to the research, the timing of the naps means more than the frequency of the naps. Below is an info graphic of how the length of naps can make you feel.


I think we can all agree in Ontario that the weather becomes a huge burden to our health and emotional outlook by the time February comes along. It’s been a particularly frigid time – Environment Canada announced recently that 2015 has been the coldest year in 115 years – and I have recently come to ascribe any weariness that I feel to the icy temps.

Somehow, the outdoor creatures do not seem to feel the chill – I have heard birds cooing from the trees, and crows fly overhead each day that I walk to work (pictured below). Remembering that there is the possibility of spring through these daily sounds cheers me immensely. It gives me back some level of energy. I hope that you also feel this optimism, readers!

Crows hang out in the trees in front of a bright moon.
Crows hang out in the trees in front of a bright moon.

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