Workout Motivations and Essential Materials!

With the return of really warm weather, I feel an incredible sense of energy! However, I still need to prepare myself for my workouts. I was recently reflecting on the items which are most important to my mental readiness and wind-down periods from exercise.

I scribbled some of my initial thoughts on this, which later evolved into a quick little video (see above): I love my sneakers, drink supplements, and yummy foods. The top foods that I enjoy eating to fuel up for or recharge from a workout? Brightly-colored peppers and Activia yogurt. I’ll also have on hand a water bottle before the workout, and a little bit of green tea later in the day.

In terms of getting pumped up right before a workout, I’ll definitely imagine being a superhero! This involves thinking ‘cool’ thoughts, pounding the latest top-40 hit song; or, honestly, just being plain silly to make it fun. And all amazing superheroes have great sleep schedules, so I get lots of sleep to fuel my workouts.

I’m always on the hunt for new options to improve my workouts, and the variety of change over time offers ongoing motivation to exercise. Part of my recent brainstorm over workout motivations was thanks to some conversations with the great people over at ETB Fit, a sports nutrition-based lifestyle business. They offer pre-workout supplements which can be helpful to athletic people of all ages! Be sure to check out this community of folks on their website.

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